Quotidian Project

The Quotidian project brings a reflection about the day-by-day repetition, the diversity of quotidian, the share of public urban spaces, the anonymity in big cities and the fastness of the contemporary world. These ideas gave birth to the canvas that names the project. It consists of an immaculate and timeless white background over which there are figures of objects cut from magazines organized in circular form. The circle is an abstract representation of the ancient image of the Ouroboros, a serpent eating its own tail. It represents the eternal return, while the choice of the material magazine is due exactly to its common aspect.

The Quotidian installation is the evolution of the collage, a material transposition with real objects coming from the most diverse quotidians forming a circle on the ground. As the series idea came from the relation between people, nothing better than let the spectators participate actively of the work. During the exhibitions they can let objects that will from that moment become part of the never ending installation.

Finally, we have the videos of people’s feet walking in diverse subway stations in cities around the world. The choice of showing the walkers feet instead of their faces represents the anonymity of the big cities and the way we are often seen only as numbers. It’s still curious to remark the reaction towards the artist and her camera in different cities. The camera was positioned discreetly in the ground between the artist’s feet, while she stood as waiting for someone. No light equipment or other things to catch up attention.  During the tests made in São Paulo and Paris the walkers didn’t pay any attention to the artist or to her camera. In Düsseldorf, some people noticed the camera. In Milan, the situation was much more noticed by the walkers.

The artist intention is to continue filming in other cities around the globe, as well as showing the complete collage-installation-video work.

© 2014 Aline Pascholati